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A Little About Us...

Creative Spaces of South Florida, Inc. is a full service landscape design, installation and maintenance company located in Lighthouse Point, FL.   Known for our unique infusion of tropical plants along with Florida natives that turn an ordinary yard to an extraordinary landscape.    Every opportunity for us to create something new brings a level of excitement that can't be beat.  We love working on everything from makeover's to small gardens to new construction as well estate landscapes. By offering our clients a full range of landscaping services, every project is turnkey with the level of detail your landscape deserves.


Our project management experience allows for an easy transition from the beginning design phase of your landscape through the installation all the way to maintaining the landscape after the job is complete.  Our Creative Spaces crews have decades of experience installing landscapes in some of South Florida's uniquely diverse ecosystems.  Not only do we have the hands on expertise, we are also trained and licensed professionals with the latest industry green BPM (Best Practice Management) and state standards.  This means that when you decide to use us as your landscaper you can trust in our experience, dedication and quality work we provide.  Though most importantly it means that you will have no worries along the way, just how it should be.


I truly believe it's our attention to detail and a bona fide passion for what we do that certainly separates us from most of the other companies in our industry.  Yes, call us "plant nerds" or "landscape geeks" but that my friends it what elevates us from the pack.  Unfortunately too many companies resort to cheap 'mow, blow, go' or 'install & disappear' practices without a care in the world as to who they employ, their impact on the environment or your landscape.  We concern ourselves with how your landscape looks and grows.  We want you to be proud of where you live!


Whether you are inspired by an elegant modern landscape or enraptured by exotic tropical gardens or just love the classic's, we can turn any ordinary place into an extraordinary space.   Our vast knowledge of plants and almost three decades of experience in design allow us to transform your yard into a paradise you will enjoy for many years to come.  It is time to start enjoying your outdoors, after all we are lucky enough to live year round in a tropical paradise!  

Call us today to schedule a free consultation for your home and/or business.  


Sheri Burg



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"As an adventurous native of Miami, I was blessed with parents who took us exploring through Florida’s natural wonders and taught us how to appreciate the complexity of Florida’s amazing ecosystems.


Since then I have always been inspired by Old Florida indigenous and unique native wild side. Yes, I have the fever for flora, fauna & fun! Let's explore together & hope you enjoy the journey!"  - Sheri

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